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Huaguan Amusement equipment Co,.Ltd Xiangcheng is a enterprise with high-tech in manufacturing all kinds of horse carriages in China. Our company is located in the main carriage Development and Research Base in China.

Inheriting the hand-craft of ancient tradition, our carriages are cleverly integrated into the modern mechanical manufacturing process, and have developed different specifications, such as  rich noble qualities of the two wheels leisure carriages, horse wagons, pony carriages, tourist coaches, wedding carriages, Royal carriages, marathon horse carriages, Victoria horse carriages, sulky carts ,antique horse carriages, pumpkin carriages, ,sleigh cart and nearly one hundred kinds of horse carriages.

We can also process any style of horse carriage according to the customer 's requirements. So long as you provide the picture or the idea, our professional designers will design the two- dimensional map which you are satisfied for your reference, until you are satisfied.



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